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I hope you will find the same inspiration that I have found through the art of literature.

The books listed below are some of my favorites.  By clicking the book image you will be redirected to Amazon with the option to buy that book.  Bespoke will receive a sales commission from your book purchase.  Thank you for supporting the Bespoke mission.

An Unquiet Mind, A Memoir of Moods and Madness

Kay Redfield Jamison

Author Kay Redfield Jamison, Professor of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, writes of her personal battle with manic depression. The book paints a picture of the highs and lows and provides the reader a glimpse into understanding manic depression. Jamison invites us into her personal life, with her honesty going as far as the story of her own attempted suicide.  Artistically inspiring, this book taught me that “we all move uneasily within our restraints.” Jamison shows us a way to handle these restraints through acquired knowledge and understanding; “The beast was best handled by turning it towards the sun.”

Launching a Leadership Revolution

Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward

Authors Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward describe how becoming a great leader can be acquired by mastering the five levels of influence:

  1. Learning: “Do not let all your learning lead to knowledge; let it lead to action.”
  2. Performing: “It is never possible to guarantee success; it is only possible to deserve it.”
  3. Leading: “Leaders must learn that to lead means to serve.”
  4. Developing Leaders: “When it comes to finding potential leaders, look for someone in motion.”
  5. Developing Leaders Who Develop Leaders: “The leader is almost lost inside the vision.”

Essential Spirituality

Roger Walsh

You do not have to be religious or have specific beliefs to be able to understand and enjoy this book.  Do you know and believe in yourself?  Essential Spirituality invites you to re-discover who you are.  If you want to help us all live in a better world I encourage you to read this and follow the exercises in each chapter.  Along with inviting us to explore our inner being, Dr. Roger Walsh shares with us his studies of different religions to discover what they have in common; “We are only half-grown and half-awake…and we live in the biggest cult of all, namely culture.”

Eccentrics: A Study of Sanity and Strangeness

David Weeks

Highly recommended if you want a fun and easy read.  Dr. David Weeks shares with us his study of different eccentric traits and personalities.  The book keeps your interest throughout, with its fascinating stories of eccentric lead lives, past and present. As we read we discover the importance of embracing our own eccentricity in order to live a healthy and happy life.

Exuberance, The Passion For Life

Kay Redfield Jamison

When I was feeling most depressed I kept remembering past days when I would naturally wake up happy.  It had been so long since I felt exuberant and reading a book that studied the subject seemed fitting. In Exuberance, Kay Redfield Jamison teaches us about discovering the passion for life. Jamison shares what William Hazlitt wrote about our attachment to life depending upon our interest in it; “passion, imagination, self-will, the sense of power, the very consciousness of our existence, bind us to life, and hold us fast in its chains, as by a magic spell.”

Attached: The New Science Of Adult Attachment And How It Can Help You Find – And Keep – Love

Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller

My counselor recommended this book to me when I was going through the aftermath of a broken heart.  I was comforted and amazed by the knowledge this book provided to help me better understand myself and comprehend why I was so attached to my relationship.  With this knowledge I felt a more rapid recovery from the depression I had been feeling at that time.  You can find out more about your own attachment style by taking this free online quiz: http://www.web-research-design.net/cgi-bin/crq/crq.pl.  I encourage you to also buy the book for a more in depth understanding of your results.

The Art of Happiness, A Handbook For Living

His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Dr. Howard C. Cutler

Dr. Howard Cutler teams up with the Dalia Lama for several interviews, in which they put together a guide for living a happier life.  The book takes simple topics that we are already well aware of, but breaks them down for us even further and in such a way that might make you question if your lifestyle is what truly makes you happy.  The book is straightforward, easy to read, and was personally uplifting and inspirational to me.

Night Falls Fast; Understanding Suicide

Kay Redfield Jamison

I started reading this in December of 2017 and I paused halfway through.  The information that it pours is astronomical and I cannot image how much time Kay Redfield Jamison sacrificed to this book.  Adding to all the research, Jamison tells several stories from various friends and families of suicidal victims. I was instantly drawn by the prologue, especially the thought put into a single sentence; “Suicide is not beholden to an evening’s promises, nor does it always hearken to plans drawn up in lucid moments and banked in good intentions.” I will add a disclaimer that I stopped reading this book because some parts were too emotionally difficult at the time, partly because it brought back memories of a friend lost to suicide, and partly because it was December and I  get seasonally depressed in Winter.  My sister suggested that I “save my suicide book” for my bike trip and she recommended that I    read Essential Spirituality instead.  I’m glad she did.